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Dear Creative Director,


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself Kirk Etienne, and my business partner Floyd Hughes, principles in a new creative studio Grafiksus Design.

Having spent many years working in  film, television, animation, illustration, commercial art, design, apps and comics, and tired of the randomness of freelancing, Floyd and I (who were friends as teenagers in London) decided that the time was right to form a company that offers our combined skills and experience to perform a service that meets the high standard you would anticipate from a Madison Avenue company.


Attached to this brief letter of introduction is a 66 page pdf displaying a sampling of what we have produced as individual creators that serves as a precursor to the exciting, innovative work that Grafiksus will produce for you.




Kirk Etienne,

Floyd Hughes

Grafiksus Design

New York City, N.Y.



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