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Commissions & Pricing

Our prices are prompted by - but not bound to - the GRAPHIC ARTISTS GUILD HANDBOOK:  PRICING & ETHICAL GUIDELINES, an excellent  tome used industry wide as a go-between to suggest pricing for commissioned work that is fair to both the artist and in turn the client. 

Naturally, very few jobs are exactly the same, and the actual job descriptions may differ from those presented in the guide, so it is expected that the involved parties can come to an amicable agreement in any adjustment of compensation, be it through the financial side or the legal rights to usage of the work.

Also to be taken into consideration is delivery of payment in conjunction with delivery of the work, and negotiation of any re-working of material if requested by the client. 

We prefer a fee based on the work itself as contractually determined as opposed to being paid by the hour, except for education/tutorial work, which may be billed at an hourly rate. More information is under ‘Teaching Arts’. We also charge based on the value of the work and whether we will retain any rights to the work after an agreed on period.

The medium the work is created in is also instrumental in determining the fiscal value of the work provided.

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